"33 years of experience and quality"

Production, Research&Development; , Quality Control

We have over 5500 square meter of production,laboratory and Office space;

  • Substantial and flexible production capacity
  • Cutting edge production technology
  • Packaging and assembly

Advanced Stock Control and Material Management System

  • Just in Time’ system designed for efficient production and material management,
  • Efficient work flow systems
  • Customer service, material planning
  • Strong purchasing capacity and quality control for raw materials

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Customised color matching
  • Ecological production technology,
  • Minimum waste,
  • High volume production,
  • High technology equipment,
  • High technology color measurement and standardization,
  • Excellent Brown Kraft color suitable for testliner and kraftliner production,
  • Intertek approved food contact test

Quality Control;

Sustainability in product quality is being guaranteed by hi tech color measurement equipment.

  • Chromotography
  • UV Nanometer Readings
  • Data Color Readings
  • Visual control under various lights in the QC section.

Regulatory Affairs and Standardization

Highly experienced staff handles all aspects of;

  • Labeling,
  • Documentation,
  • International registration assistance,
  • Compliance.